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Full Interviews With Our Guests

Fred Stoller Discovers Pot

With his law troubles now behind him, Comic Fred Stoller recounts the newly discovered joys of THC. https://youtu.be/mvR7xdctPfY

Kevin Meaney Goes To Prison And Then To Israel

Comedian Kevin Meaney talks about prison and Israel, Dr. Melvin Konner author Women After All: Sex, Evolution, and the End of Male Supremacy reveals the real reason women have sex with a man, and movie...

Greg Proops

Comedian Greg Proops, the host of The Smartest Man in the World podcast talks with David about Germany, Hitler, and his new book 'The Smartest Book in the World" which comes out in May....

Comedy, Luck, and Rude Behavior

Comedian and director Bonnie McFarlane talks about her latest movie ‘Women Aren’t Funny’, political satirist Will Durst gives us the lowdown on his one man show ‘Boomeraging’, intuitive coach Anne Deidre on creating your...

Bobby Slayton

The pit bull of comedy, Bobby Slayton sits down with David in New York for a lively hour of conversation. Robots are discussed, too! Please share and subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher, and leave a review!

Ed Crasnick

Comedian Ed Crasnick stops by for the hour to talk about his new project 'Self Help Comedy Radio' and more. Be sure to subscribe to the show on iTunes and Stitcher, and share it with...

Aisling Bea

Comedian Aisling Bea joins David for a very lively conversation, and Michael Snyder tells us which movies to see this week and which ones to avoid.

David Feldman Radio Show: Dr. Katz

Emmy award winning comedy writer Jonathan Katz sits down with David to chew the fat, plus movie reviews from Michael Snyder.

Sex and SeaWorld

Campaign Specialist for PETA, Ashley Byrne talks with David about how SeaWorld is a horrible business. Then, comedian Laura House has an interesting conversation about sex. Please subscribe to this show on iTunes and Stitcher....

David Feldman Radio Show: End The Drug War

America’s failed drug war has cost one trillion dollars and countless lives. We talk again with Detective Dick Cole, one of the founders of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. Politico’s Remy Maisel author of “Is...

David Feldman Radio Show: Judah Grunstein

The editor in chief of World Politics Review, Judah Grunstein joins the show from France to talk Charlie Hebdo and freedom of speech.

Gary Shapiro

Comedian. Singer Song Writer. Rabbi. Gary Shapiro is all these things and more. On today's episode Gary talks with David about everything from Charlie Hebdo to Moses. Plus, we remember actor/comedian Taylor Negron with...
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