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Full Interviews With Our Guests

Fame, Porn, & Masturbation

Marc Maron's head explodes when David asks if masturbation is a form of prayer. Along with James Adomian, Eddie Pepitone and Troy Conrad at  Vancouver's Global Comedy Festival recorded live at the Music Box...

Marc Maron & James Adomian

Marc Maron and James Adomian live from the Music Box Theater in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada along with Eddie Pepitone and Troy Conrad. Marc freaks when David tells him Vancouver is the Bed Bug...

Our Naughty Show

David and Eddie subject a Canadian audience to an evening of hate speech live from Vancouver's 2010 Global Comedy Festival. David tries to explain to Eddie what the three holes on a woman are...

Canada Explained

From Vancouver's 2010 Global Comedy Festival David welcomes Graham Clark and Dave Shumka from Stop Podcasting Yourself Canada's number one podcast. Dave and Graham explain to David, Eddie & Troy Grow Ops, Canadian Gangs,...

Doug Benson On Legalizing Pot In California

Doug Benson On Legalizing Pot In California. Episode two of our radio show for Pacifica Radio.

Paul Gilmartin

"Dinner And A Movie's" hilarious Paul Gilmartin stops by.

Murray The Nut

David chats with Ethan Berlin whose comic strip Murray The Nut is the funniest comic strip in the history of comic strips. Regular listeners to this podcast will find Murray The Nut must reading...

Mark Pitta On Mort Sahl

Lenny Bruce and all the great comedians from San Francisco.

Dr. Laura & The Mayan Calendar

Plus Paul F. Tompkins stops by to talk about his new podcast. With Jane Edith Wilson and Ed Crasnick.

King Of TV Trivia Paul Goebel

TV Land calls Paul Goebel "The world's leading expert on television trivia." The audience as well as our cast and crew are stunned as David tries to stump him.


Jackie Kashian host of The Dork Forest tries to explain to David why Dungeons And Dragons is a good thing. Plus David apologizes for what he said about Abbie Hoffman.

The Percodan Episode

David tries to do the show on percodan. He interviews Emmy winning Comedy Writer Ed Crasnick but David’s wife insists on correcting and or emasculating David in public by correcting his knowledge of Adrian...
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