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Full Interviews With Our Guests

Comedian Greg Proops

Greg Proops and David talk Whose Line Is It Anyway? Hash, Humility, The Human Brain, Synapses, Speed, Keeping Sharp, Getting Older, Acting Class, Northern California, Chronic, San Francisco, Skunk, Amsterdam, Senior Moments, THC, Improv,...

My Speech To Pitzer College’s Class Of 2009

As a standing Pitzer College tradition, the graduating senior class selects its keynote speaker for the commencement ceremony. In 2009  the senior class selected David Feldman. Here is a bootleg recording of David's speech.

Patton Oswalt Outtakes & Bloopers

Here are some outtakes and bloopers from last month's episode with Patton Oswalt. Also Ben Zelevansky.

Jeff Garlin & The Vagina Song

Curb Your Enthusiasm's Jeff Garlin plugs his new book "My Footprint." Plus Tancred and Grey sing "The Vagina Song." And we hear from Ben Zelevansky.

Comic Bill Burr And Jim, David & Eddie Fight

Part three of our interview with Comic Bill Burr after last week's show at Upright Citizen's Brigade in which David bombed. Plus we decided to run the cold opening from the Neal Brennan episode because nobody was getting...


Ron Babcock explains marijuana to David.  

Comic Jeffrey Ross Talks About Roasting

Jeffrey Ross is the New York Friars' Club "Roastmaster General", and was a roaster for the last six Comedy Central roasts: Pamela Anderson in 2005, William Shatner in 2006, Flavor Flav in 2007, Bob...

Bruce Vilanch On Writing Comedy

A conversation with one of television's most respected comedy writers Bruce Vilanch. Coming up on the podcast this June: More outtakes from the Patton Oswalt show. We just finished taping our live shows with Marc Maron...

John Fugelsang On Hugh Hefner And Haiti

A talk with comic, actor, writer and political activist John Fugelsang who has just returned from Haiti. Visit him at www.johnfugelsang.com

Comedian Rich Vos On Oscar Gift Bags And Crack

Rich Vos talks about Last Comic Standing, Writing For The Oscars and Smoking Crack in the 80's. Plus Rich's wife Bonnie Macfarlane screams in the background.
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