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Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling Tells The World’s Funniest Joke

Comic Jon Ross, who told the world's second funniest joke last week, recalls the time he and Rob Schneider crashed their car from laughing so hard. Then a shocking discovery of how Republicans are...

Penis Whitening

Since everybody is down with the flu we do a shorter show with Joe DeVito to talk about the important issue of penis whitening.
Devito on dustin hoffman

Comic Joe DeVito

Hello 2018, Joe DeVito wants to welcomes you.

Comedy Legend Jon Ross

The Great Moralizer Jon Ross finishes off the year by raking David's show, career and penis over the coals.
From David Feldman's Mom's Basement

From Mom’s Basement

David discusses sex work with Kaytlin Bailey & Wendi Starling hosts of "The Oldest Profession Podcast"... from his mom's basement in New Jersey. It's the holiday season, so today's episode is short and sweet. Here's the official...

Election Day: Alabama Too Close, To America

Comics JIM EARL, JOE DEVITO and JON ROSS join David to talk about sexual harassment, sexual assault, accusations of sexual harassment and sexual assault-- famous men accused of sexual impropriety, not so famous men...
Andy Kindler & Frank Conniff on The David Feldman Show

Andy Kindler & Frank Conniff

Comics LIAM MCENEANEY, JOE DEVITO, SCOTT ROGOWSKY AND MAX AZULAY. The only way to get Andy and Frank on the same show is to promise each of them that they both get bottom billing. Liam...

Bonnie McFarlane Cooks Dinner For Rich Vos

Comics Dave Sirus & Jon Ross plus Constitutional Law Professor Corey Brettschneider. We talk Franken, Moore and Eggs. Bonnie McFarlane is the author of "You're Better Than Me: A Memoir." She is also the director...
Bush admits to sexual assault

Bush 41 Cops To Sexual Assault

A sixth woman says President George Herbert Walker Bush sexually assaulted her when she was 16. Bush apologizes. We go over the entire list of sexual predators in Washington and Hollywood. The victims are...

Splooey C.K.

We talk about the latest sexual assault allegations against the funniest man in America. No, not Louis C.K. Alabama Judge Roy Moore. Our guests: Comedy Writers BRIAN KILEY, JOSE ARROYO, ROB KUTNER & DAVE...
Bobby Slayton Hates Your Wife

Bobby Slayton Hates Your Wife

BOBBY SLAYTON is back in the clubs spewing more toxic venom than ever before. He is a fearless comedy warlord and quite possibly the greatest live comic of all time. You must see him,...
Firesign Theater's Phil Proctor

Firesign Theater’s Phil Proctor

Down With Tyranny's HOWIE KLEIN, Comedian DAVE SIRUS, Editor-in-Chief of World Politics Review JUDAH GRUNSTEIN, and Candidate for North Carolina's 5th Congressional District JENNY MARSHALL. Phil Proctor's new book is "Where's my Fortune Cookie?"
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