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The Worst Joke Ever Written

Private Schools should be outlawed. Florida picks Romney. And why Obama should be reelected. Another great roundtable with Jimmy Dore, Frank Conniff and Rick Overton. Please subscribe to our show on iTunes. The David Feldman Show is produced out of the KPFK studios in Southern California. If you can’t hear it in your town please tell your local public radio station about us. Thanks for listening.

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The College Myth

Fox Television’s early years are discussed in another lively roundtable featuring The King Of TV Paul Goebel, Eddie Pepitone, and Legendary Comedy Writer, Public Citizen Spokesman Steve Skrovan. Also covered will be Candid Camera, Steve Jobs, Yale Versus Harvard, ESPN, The CIA, And paying too much for stars. Please subscribe to this show on iTunes, and we invited you to friend us all on Facebook.

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Crony Bain Capitalism

GOP’s Uncivil War, Open Marriages, Gingrich, Romney, Megaupload, Don’t Drop The SOPA, Plight Of Porn Workers and much more are covered in one of our more spirited and informative roundtables with Frank Conniff, Jimmy Dore, Mark Thompson and Jeremy S. Kramer. A new union song from Robin Roberts. Also featuring Chris Pina and Paul Dooley. Portions written by Paul Dooley. Please subscribe to us on iTunes.

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