1. One of my core beliefs is that it’s a mistake to explain jokes. You try to analyze a joke for someone, you kill it. My #1 Twitter rule in fact is I Don’t Explain Jokes.

    The corollary is that if a joke is funny, you know it almost immediately. You can feel it in the set up or the delivery or SOMETHING.

    That said, the way Bobby Slayton uses the n-word is not funny.

  2. Thanks for the show-loved it! Brought back so many memories. #1 Feldman brought me on the Alex Bennett show for the first time and I became a regular-so much fun. #2 Doing the Bennett show with Slayton and the only words I was able to get in were, “I’ll be at Fubar’s two shows Friday, two shows Saturday-back to you Bobby.” Thanks boys!

  3. Eternal respect for the David Feldman Show for doing and posting this interview. I grew up in the Bay Area listening to Bobby Slayton on the Quake FM and even managed to convince som parents to drive our 8th grade butts up to the Quake at 7am to be in the studio audience. I saw Bobby perform many many times at the Punchline and he was an inspiration for me to get onstage a couple years ago. Thank you for doing this, the man is a national treasure.


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