Comedy’s Pitbull

bobby slayton

Bobby Slayton talks about his dinners with Woody Allen, along with Andrea Martin, Eddie Pepitone, Mark Thompson, Andy Caploe and Jane Edith Wilson. Written by Steve Rosenfield, Andy Caploe and David Feldman. WARNING: Language not appropriate for work or children. This is a raw, unedited tape that has not been cut for radio.



  1. This was a great interview. While I really enjoy your topical, political monologues, it is refreshing to have just one hour of humor – and nothing is more delightful than Bobby.

    Also, a quick list of the things that I love about your show:
    * your choice of music “bumpers” (isn’t that the industry word for the music you play between segments) is really a great walk down musical / auditory lane. Hearing “The Year of the Cat” prompted me to go to iTunes to buy the song since it was playing in my head all day after hearing it on your show.
    * your diatribes against social media (especially Twitter) – I don’t know anybody personally who uses Twitter. I have a Twitter account and “follow” people (you, Dana Gould, and Frank Conniff, for example), but I log onto my Twitter account maybe once a month on my iPhone and don’t really give it any attention. I am more of an “old-school” social media afficianado (read: Facebook).
    * anytime you have Jimmy Dore on …
    * your political monologues are always 100% spot on.
    * pretty much everything except Michael Snyder and his movie reviews (I’m not sure what he is using to extort you, but it’s not worth it. I’m sure he’s a wonderful friend, but he just doesn’t come across as being all that intelligent, or all that serious – he doesn’t even know when his “web-series” is going to be online?!).

    Otherwise, keep up the great work! Love you shows … from one of your devoted fans (yes, I know the hierarchy) in Paris.


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