1. Lies, lies and more lies! I deactivated my facebook account because it did nothing but contribute to my raging misanthropy, so I can’t check to see what Colin Powell is having for lunch today, or whether he “likes” Justin Bieber. Mainstream media is now full of hard luck stories about the little investor that was taken advantage of by Morgan Stanley and Zuckerberg. What does it take for people to get it, that the market is rigged, and that pyramid schemes are designed to take their money from them, not make them rich?

    Argggh. While you may have some listeners that just want the funny, please keep the round tables going. Today’s show is exactly what some of us need to hold back the angst.

    9+1=? Is this a trick question?

  2. This opening monologue was brilliant. I just got done listening to you as I do my lunchtime exercise walk. You extracted some really complex ideas into a fairly straightforward explanation. It motivated me to be a subscriber. Thank you, David and Guests for being so entertaining, as well as, so informing.


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