Fighting For Peace


The Nation Magazine’s Zoe Carpenter talks to us from Washington D.C. about President Obama threatening military force while at the same time resorting to diplomacy. Then Comedy Genius Frank Conniff talks to us from New York City about everything.

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  1. Great to hear Frank Conniff again! Funny guy! I enjoy his Twitter posts a lot.

    The conversation with Zoe Carpenter regarding Syria was OK. Towards the end of that segment, David asked a great question: “Why is Syria a vital interest for Russia?” But then neither David or Ms. Carpenter mention the important fact that Russia has a naval base at the Syrian port of Tartus, the last Russian military base outside the old Soviet Union borders, according to this Wikipedia article:

    So Syria is a Russian “client state” in exactly the same way Honduras and Columbia and South Korea and Japan and Germany and Kuwait and Egypt and Afghanistan (and until recently Iraq) and Israel and fill-in-name-of-25+-other-countries are client states of the United States empire which maintains many, many more US military bases outside its continental borders compared to Russia’s one.

    “Imperial interests” not just about military arms sales; it is perhpas more about raw power projection. The US would love to squeeze the Russians out of Syria and the Mediterranean altogether. To name just one counter example, who is going to squeeze the US Fifth Fleet out of its enormous naval base in non-democratic Bahrain near the Hormuz Straits, a Bahraini regime which has been jailing, killing, and torturing its Arab Spring dissidents for the past two-to-three years with the tacit support of the US government. Mr. Obama is silent about Bahraini oppression of its own people not based on selling that government arms, but based on the US desire to position the US military to threaten Iran just a few miles away from the Iranian coast.

    Anyway, just wanted to throw that factor into the discussion for consideration.

    Love your work. Keep it up, please.

    • Thanks Steve. Yeah, it’s a little painful to realize how much we miss him. But he’s doing great in New York. Such an amazing mind.

  2. Regardless of whether or not David’s conversation with Zoe Carpenter “went far enough,” a premise I disagree with, the fact is that nobody is having this kind of conversation, on the radio, at least.

    Although the drumbeat of war seems slightly muted this week, it’s still there, eager to exploit whatever out-of-context footage appears on YouTube from the zone of conflict.


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