Gay GOP Shocker


Gay GOP Shocker

Is Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in the closet? Blue America PAC Founder and Treasurer Howie Klein says yes and joins us to out yet another family values conservative. Can it be the GOP has become the party of the mentally ill? This is one show you don’t want to miss. Plus movies with Film Critic Michael Snyder. Review this podcast on iTunes.


  1. This episode will go down as one of my favorites – combining two gay topics into two completely different conversation threads: Lindsay Graham/Mitch McConnell, and the gay camp favorite – Mommy Dearest.

    To be honest I never had heard anything about McConnell being gay, although he looks like a lesbian, but hearing Howie’s inside gossip helps explain a lot. I wish we Democrats had a political strategist on a par with Turdblossom to push this kind of radio-active gossip out into the political landscape – but you know how we Democrats hate to win. Sigh.

    As for Mommy Dearest, I can’t believe you’d never seen it before. It is one of my favorite films from a pure inadvertent comedy perspective – it’s so bad it’s good. With so much great lines … You have Michael Snyder’s credentials listed on the sidebar as I write this, and while I’ve never been of fan of his (he never seems prepared and doesn’t seem particularly knowledgeable about anything in general), he surely should have seen Mommy Dearest at some point. Shame.

    Great show! Keep up the great work!

  2. I’m ALWAYS prepared… to encounter trivial, ill-considered and unfounded criticism. When you’ve seen thousands of films and will be seeing scores more, some will slip through the cracks. And as much as I like the occasional foray into camp, I’ve felt no need to seek out “Mommie Dearest,” which I missed when it first came out. By the way, I’d think a fervent fan of a film would be prepared to spell its title correctly. Shame!

  3. Oh snap! Okay, yes, I got the spelling wrong, but then again, I’m not the movie expert. Good catch! But I do recommend the film – a camp classic at the very least.

    My primary criticism regarding Michael Snyder’s visits are when David asks a question like “who’s the director” for a film being discussed, and the response is “I don’t know” or “the name escapes me” (3 x 5 cards for each of the five movies being discussed might help, just a suggestion), or “so when is your series dropping on DirectTV and YouTube” and the response is “I don’t know – soon, maybe this weekend” (David always is so polite in plugging your show, maybe just respond with a simple “it’s a surprise for my Twitter followers” – but “I don’t know” comes across as unprepared…).

  4. When David quizzes me about some tidbit of info (and I don’t know the specific answer), it’s generally something that we had NOT planned to discuss. He knows what films are on the docket to review and I am prepared for the subjects at hand. Yet, he deviates from that or he starts in on an unrelated film and expects me to know all the names and details, perhaps just to infuriate me, and certainly because, more often than not, I know the answer. I should remind him and anyone else, we’re not playing “Jeopardy” here. When it comes to info about film, TV, pop music, etc., I know more off the top of my head than 90 percent of the population. But very few people, even professional critics, know every name and number by rote. Quibbling and nit-pickers, be advised.

  5. Fair enough … I’ll try to keep that in mind in the future. Thanks for the dialogue. I did, however, enjoy your explanation to David about your love affair with the SF professional teams and sports in general – how you described following them in terms of human drama was a compelling argument. I can see that, and it made me think a bit more of professional sports in those terms. So thanks for enlightening me on that. Best of luck with your new venture.

  6. Thanks, Buck. And do keep listening. David is the real deal. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll take his advice and yours and get around to watching “Mommie Dearest” one of these days.


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