1. God Damn It Feldo, it appears that the only way to listen to some of the podcast shows is with iTunes. IMHO, iTunes is possibly the worst things Apple ever forced on it’s customers. As much as I like your show, I can no more bring myself to listen with iTunes than you can stand to eat a roast beef sandwich.

      • Well, high marks for responding to my comment. It’s great that the show can be found on several venues, but I have not been able to find a link to stitcher for the show listed as “Groucho Groucho Marx, March 22, 2012”
        Most shows found on the “https://davidfeldmanshow.com” have a link to stitcher for that episode, but not on the page at “https://davidfeldmanshow.com/groucho-marx/”. The only option there, as I stated earlier, is the dreaded iTunes link.
        I hoped that the Stitcher link had been inadvertently left out, that perhaps it would be
        e a simple matter to add the …. missing, you know, link, not only for my convenience, but for other listeners as well.
        Right or Wrong, your shows are always interesting, often excellent.
        Thank you.


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