Jerry Lewis In London Part 1

Listen to the podcast by pressing the button above. Steven Alan Green tells the story of bringing Jerry Lewis to London. Along with Jeremy Kramer. And another Union song from Robin Roberts. Steven Alan Green became an early advocate of the London comedy scene and was responsible for introducing many American acts to the British circuit, most notably through his production of three “High on Laughter” charity galas during the early years of the new millennium. As we shall hear at one of these galas a temporarily infirm Jerry Lewis was unable to go on, spurring the creation of Green’s 2003 one-person show, I Eat People Like You For Breakfast. His recent one-person shows have received attention from such publications as Time Out London, the Evening Standard, The Scotsman and The Guardian. He has also done a considerable amount of voice-over work, most notably a series of spots for the UK’s Paramount Comedy Channel which culminated in Green’s on-air hosting of a weekend South Park marathon in late 2006.