Judy Gold & Henriette Mantel

Judy Gold Henriette Mantel.

On today’s program, David kick’s off the show with a commentary about the ongoing situation in Ferguson, Missouri. Then he’s joined by comedian’s Judy Gold and Henriette Mantel for a great conversation about when a joke is a joke, and when it’s just bad taste. It’s a lively discussion, so strap yourself in for about an hour and hang on!


  1. This episode is a gem. I was not in a particularly good mood when I started listening, but the dynamic between this odd trio was irresistible. There were several laugh-out-loud moments, especially thanks to Judy Gold. The weirdest thing: Feldman once again relied on his “obtuse dad persona” that leads him miles and miles down indefensible paths, makes him shush and interrupt and grandstand and lecture, and it almost made some sense here, because it lead to some inspired commentary on comedy and the function of laughter from both guests. Lovely.

  2. Its great to hear a little Feldman for once. I love Jerry and Laura (and Jim and Eddie and Jane and all of the other past and current regulars), but I’ve missed Feldo. Here’s hoping for more soon. Great episode all around.


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