Kevin Meaney

Kevin Meaney for the hour.

Kevin Meaney has been one of the country’s most popular standup comedians for more than 25 years. Tom Shale’s of the Washington Post said, “Picture the precocious love child of Jonathan Winters and Ethel Merman and you have some idea of Kevin Meaney’s act.” Making people laugh has always been a top priority for Kevin. From his early years doing standup comedy in San Francisco and Boston he’s amassed an impressive list of credits along the way. His first HBO special in 1986 catapulted him to the forefront of the comedy scene. In 1987 Kevin made his debut appearance on, “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson and was invited by Johnny to join the guest panel. Since his first appearance Kevin has returned to the show a dozen times. He was a special guest on Saturday Night Live and has appeared on Letterman, Regis, Oprah and Conan. Kevin is also an accomplished actor, having starred in the CBS sitcom, “Uncle Buck” which ran for a full season. In addition, he has done numerous guest appearances on both sitcoms and dramas. He also had a featured role in the movie ‘Big”. In 2006, Kevin expanded his acting repertoire to appear in the Broadway production of Hairspray as The Male Authority Figure, playing five roles – Mr. Pinky, Harriman F. Spritzer, The Principal, The Cop and the Flasher. Kevin is also a successful writer and producer. He wrote and produced and starred in a one-man autobiographical play titled, Wedding Vows in Vegas which premiered at the prestigious U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colorado before going on to a successful summer run in Boston at the Hasty Pudding Theatre. Steve Martin called it, “The most innovative, heart-rending and funny show I’ve seen in a long, long time.” Known for drawing upon his family relationships for much of his material, Kevin has made such lines as “That’s not Right” and “We’re Big Pants People” and “We’re going to lose the house” (delivered in the tremulous voice of his mother) catch phrases for hilarity. An evening with Kevin is a trip to the funhouse and one laugh escalates into a bigger one and good-hearted humor prevails. So, Big Pants People of the world unite…your leader is here, his name is Kevin Meaney and he’s on a mission of mirth. Kevin is currently living in New York with his daughter Kate.


  1. Thank you David. I got to listen to a phone conversation between two friends. I wish I had friends like yours. Do more of this with Kevin. We need this.

  2. I know I tease you and the show. But this was not long enough. I sat in the parking lot at Costco until the end. I could have listened all day.

  3. So good. I’m from Oakland, and today I felt twenty years younger. Get Alex on, I miss him and can’t afford Sirius. It was like old times. Only funnier.

  4. I would stay married to Kevin no matter what. In one week Martin Short and now Kevin??? I’m unsubscribing to the show because there’s no place but down from here.

  5. Daniel Toosh is a moron. And my name really is Nerd Nerdlinger. Great show once again Mr. Feldberg. You make my job tolerable.

  6. Kevin Meaney is on the show, and everyone is trying to be funny. Why can’t you just say this show was a gift, which it was, and leave it at that. Hey look at me, I can be funny just like feldman and kevin. Shut the fuck up. I fucking hate your listeners.

  7. Instead of your ass wipes complaining that nobody knows about this show why don’t you copy and paste the link and send it to your friends? That’s what I do. The fucking thing is free. No commercials, and I doubt it will be like this forever. I’ve been listening since the beginning and feldman the cheap fuck won’t send me a t shirt.


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