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Kevin and Carol are back from Nice. Plus Will Ryan introduces us to his lesbian sister. Along with Dylan Brody, Jeremy S. Kramer, Janie Haddad Tompkins and Hal Lublin. On today’s show we talk about the problem with liberals, family, wives, lesbians, Miley Cyrus, cheap comedians, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Oscar Pistorius.

lesbians kissing
On today’s show the Ryan Brothers explain why they’re so accepting of their lesbian sister Baby Mary.

Kevin Rooney is a producer and writer, known for My Wife and Kids, Real Time With Bill Maher, Dennis Miller Live, The Jay Leno Show, The Tonight Show and countless sitcoms on FOX, ABC and NBC. Carole Rafael Davis was born in London to a French mother and American father. She grew up in England, Scotland, France, Italy and Thailand and moved to New York City as a teenager. Carole attended the City University of New York and majored in Chinese studies and political science. After university she attended the two-year programme at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.

As a singer/song-writer and recording artist, Carole was signed to Warner Brother records in 1989. Her record “Heart of Gold” was produced by Nile Rodgers. Her single “Serious Money” was a Dance hit and the video was number one and became the official theme song to a new hip-hop music video show called Rap City on BET.

On today’s show David defends Miley Cyrus.

She toured Europe and Asia and performed in clubs throughout the U.S. Carole wrote the song “Slow Love” with Prince for his Grammy Award nominated album “Sign O’ the Times.” She recorded her own version of the song for Warner Brothers records. She subsequently left Warners’ in 1993 and moved to Atlantic Records, where she self-produced and wrote the album “I’m No Angel.” As a song-writer, Carole made a publishing deal, signing with MCA. She was signed to Sony France for Europe.


Also on our show Oscar Pistorius loses his lunch at his murder trial.

Davis also works as an actress. Her first feature film was in the 1981 horror film Piranha II: The Spawning. Later on in the 1980s, she appeared in the 1984 comedy film The Flamingo Kid, her best known film role came in 1987 as

Roxie Shield in the cult comedy film Mannequin. She later also appeared in films such as the 1990 comedy The Shrimp on the Barbie, the 1991 comedy If Looks Could Kill and The Rapture, in the same year. Carole had guest appearances in television shows such as The A-Team, Star Trek: Voyager, Sex and the City and Angel. Most recently, Davis appeared in Going the Distance.


Then we explain why Justin Bieber is discovering depositions aren’t fun.

Apart from singing and acting, Davis is also a writer. She wrote a series of articles on anti-Semitism in Europe for the Jewish Journal.[1] As a novelist, she is the author of The Diary of Jinky, Dog of a Hollywood Wife (Andrews McMeel Publishing), a non-fiction humour book about Hollywood excess and human status anxiety written from the point of view of a death-row dog. She is an investigative journalist for American Dog Magazine for which she has written a series of articles about cruelty in the pet trade. She has an animal welfare column on and is the author of the popular “Hollywood Dog Blog” at Davis is also the West Coast Director of the Companion Animal Protection Society, a national non-profit organisation that investigates puppy mills and pet stores (


  1. France is one of the most homophobic, religious bigoted, none inclusive, racists countries in the world. It really irritates me how the France pumper goes on and on about how great France is. David you need to challenge her on this and not let her talk so much. She hoged the entire interview with her heavily enuciated French speaking, It reminds me of the SNL skit where they made fun of Spanish words like tacos. Kevin Rooney’s home and his balls are in his wife’s pocketbook.

      • How about you research what you are talking about? You let her come go on and on and on how great France is and how it is so much better than the U.S. If you have every spent anytime in France you will see what I am saying is me being nice. When she was on last time, I stated the same thing. 8 months later she comes on with the same spiel and you don’t challenge her. How about sending her ass back over there and try to change their policies instead of doing it here?

        • Dave, what do you want to ask me about France?
          Go for it. I think France has major bigots, anti-semites, idiots, there’s LOTS wrong with it! I’m French, I know!

  2. Great to hear that Kevin Rooney’s back! He is one of my favorite guests on this show! Carole was as always very articulate and passionate about her causes!
    As for her experience in Morocco, I have to concur. A few years ago I visited Morocco together with my husband, and I felt sexually harassed and visually undressed all day long. I had been looking forward to the trip, but in the end I was glad we only stayed three nights. I basically couldn’t go anywhere without my husband, and even then men tried (and succeeded in) groping me. I was properly dressed, always wearing long sleeves and skirts or pants, but I was not treated with respect. And this was happening to all Western female tourists. Local women were like shadows, always close to a wall, moving about quietly. It was a men’s world and it was a very unpleasant, to say the least, experience for me/us. Morocco could be a paradise, but it felt like a very sick society in which men and women lead separate lives and don’t know how to communicate with each other. I’ve had heard similar accounts about Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia. I wish I had come back with a different experience, but it cured me of wanting to visit the Maghreb for a decade or more…
    On the other hand, I must disagree with Carol on the language skills of the French. My experience with French people is that they hardly speak foreign languages, and even university trained young people speak little to no English. They might have had English in school, but they don’t or refuse to speak it. At the same time, they are not very accommodating when you try to speak French either if your French is less than perfect…In my mind, the French, Spanish and Italians have some of the worst language skills in the EU, regardless of their level of education.
    Looking forward to the Ralph Nader show.

  3. Hell their pilots don’t even want to speak English. The second you stumble speaking French they turn their noses up at you and when they know people can’t speak French they say the nastiest things about you. I speak English, German Tagalog, Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish, French, Japanese for my job and sometimes I confuse the languages when using a word that I don’t use often. I speak 8 languages and they look down on me because I can not speak everyone word in French and need help sometimes. Biggest homophobs on the planet.

    • I had only wanted to challenge the idea that most/many French speak other foreign languages. They have many qualities, but speaking a foreign language is (usually) not one of them. I certainly didn’t mean to galvanize their public bashing…

  4. Arrived in Paris for a 3 day meeting. The pollution is worse than Beijing. They have an odd/even license plate policy for who can drive. The people are in a piss poor mode. Pollution so bad it hurts to breathe but they are still smoking!!!

  5. Dave (the Tagalog, not the “comedian”), you crack me up! I agree with you, the pollution is bad here – but it’s just because of the weather plus sixty years of diesel powered cars. It will blow off into Belgium soon, thank (insert deity here).

    The stupid Socialist mayor here in Paris (the corn-holer) came up with the brilliant idea to do the odd/even license tag driving rules during the pollution crisis one week before municipal city elections. He’s got a real politician’s gift for endearing his party to the working man. Nothing says thanks for driving into your crummy job like getting pulled over by the police because your license tag doesn’t have the appropriate ending number on it. It will be interesting to see if the DCCC’s Steve Israel recruits Delanoe as an advisor going into the US mid-terms.

    Oh, I’ve got to wrap this up (ten seconds left) but I just wanted to tell David (the “comedian”, not the Tagalog) that I love your show. Keep up the good work!

    • Hey, I live in Belgium and we don’t want it to blow off over here! 🙂

      I don’t understand though why people are so upset about this odd/even driving rule. What else could they have done except impose some restrictions? Just asking…. I think they should do it more often, not just when crisis hits, and not just in Paris, but worldwide… It’s true that I can get to my work by bike, tram or even walking, I’m not car dependent at all, but on the other hand how can we still be putting anything else above our health? Nobody wants pollution, but neither does anybody want to give up driving. Something’s gotta give, right?
      I grew up in a communist country, and we had this even/odd restriction every Sunday. It wasn’t for pollution reasons, but for saving energy/gas. Of course nobody liked it. And of course it’s probably like comparing apples and oranges, because Paris is such a dynamic city with a dynamic economy, people commuting, etc,… But the world kept turning even when we could only use our car every other Sunday…I’m not advocating going back to communism, but pollution will kill us…


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