NRA’s Tax Fraud


NRA's Tax Fraud

The NRA is a non profit 501C-3 with tax exempt status granted by the IRS. The tax exempt status is predicated on the NRA promising never to endorse a candidate or lobby a public official. Carole Rafael Davis exposes the litany of IRS violations committed by the NRA. Also Eddie Pepitone gets cheap Freudian analysis.


  1. Good show, but the description of the tax status and rules governing the NRA is more complicated.

    The NRA has multiple organizations. They have a 501c3, but they also have a 501c4 and PAC. The activities they do when they endorse candidates is not with the 501c3. That organization can take tax free money but are limited in what they can do in terms of electoral advocacy and lobbying. They can do issue campaigns about gun control. They can also do “grassroots lobbying” but only 20% of their budget.

    Their 501c4, however, is what you sign up for with membership. 501c4s can do unlimited electoral advocacy to their members. And they can do electoral advocacy as long as it is not their “primary purpose”. They can do unlimited lobbying. This is their main political arm.

    Their PAC can give money directly to candidates and say who to vote for and vote against. Many organizations like the NRA have multiple tax statuses that do different things and spend a ton of money on election lawyers to keep it all straight.

    I would recommend interviewing the Alliance for Justice which gives this type of guidance to progressive organizations.

  2. Poor Eddie. He needs a new bathrobe. Maybe one with velcro?

    Stephen has it right. The tax codes provide lots of opportunities for bad people to do bad. Unfortunately, though the killer profiteers that run the NRA may be morally bankrupt, their lawyers aren’t stupid.

    Tax exempt status was once granted to public charities because they (the charity) could demonstrate that were they not to do their “good works”, government, using tax dollars, would have to perform that same service.

  3. Even without the lawyers, the politicians will always be in the back pocket of the NRA. They are laughing all the way to the bank thanks to their support and all the gun maniacs who buy their products.


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