Nuns On The Bus

Originally broadcast June 23, 2012. Sister Diane Donoghue is one of the leaders of “Nuns On The Bus” traveling to Wisconsin reminding Republican leaders of Christ’s teachings. Nuns On The Bus insists Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget proposal specifically targets those whom Jesus commands us to protect. Also Comedian Lee Camp and The King Of TV Paul Goebel.


  1. At first I thought this was a put on, the interview with the nun, because you do fake interviews. Then I realized it wasn’t funny, then I realized I wanted to get on the bus. Also enjoyed your talk with Lee Camp. I would download his new CD but I’m kind of broke and have to settle for podcasts.

  2. Tom Latham is a pile of garbage and an embarrassment to the State of Iowa. It’s great he thinks that beating nuns is so hilarious. Time to send in the “Nude Nuns with Big Guns” (a movie I’ve resisted watching on Netflix.


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