The Percodan Episode

David tries to do the show on percodan. He interviews Emmy winning Comedy Writer Ed Crasnick but David’s wife insists on correcting and or emasculating David in public by correcting his knowledge of Adrian Zmed and Dance Fever. Ed Crasnick recalls entertaining his parents as a child from inside a closet. Crasnick slams executives from A&E and talks about what it’s like to have a serial killer for a neighbor. David attempts an imitation of Suzanne Pleshette while Eddie recounts who really killed Judy Garland. Our show also features brand new music from Alan Chapman and the angelic voice of Karen Benjamin. Eddie Pepitone devises a way to clean the Gulf of Mexico. Our show stars Alan Chapman, Karen Benjamin, Jim Earl, Eddie Pepitone and Ed Crasnick. Written by, Alan Chapman, Jose Arroyo, Ben Zelevansky and Eddie Pepitone. Our executive producer is Troy Conrad. Tonight’s show was mixed and engineered by Alex Steen.

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