John Fugelsang Ruffles America’s Featherweights

Stephanie Miller’s favorite satirist John Fugelsang joins us! Jimmy Dore reprises Colonel Leadbottom in, “Your Mommy Is Not Here.” Then David trashes Baptists, Martin Luther King and Jews. Can you smell the love? Along with Chris Hobbs. Today’s show is more mean than funny, just the way we like it. Our targets include the United States Army, Glenn Beck, Michael Jackson, Eliot Spitzer, Arizona, The Los Angeles Police Department, Female Viagra, and David’s son’s lame attempt at comedy writing, B.P., Yacht Racing. David tries kindness by defending Congressman Joe Barton while Fugelsang attacks Harriet Tubman, Rihanna, Fox News, President Obama, Prayer, False Christians, Anti-Depressants, Rand Paul, NBC, Mitt Romney, and Uggs. Executive Producer Troy Conrad. Written by Steve Rosenfield, Rich Brown, Jim Earl and David Feldman. Please subscribe to us on iTunes.

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