Professor Corey Brettschneider Talks Impeachment

Constitutional Scholar Corey Brettschneider talks to us about what Donald Trump’s impeachment would take, and why cynicism might be America’s worst enemy. Professor Brettschneider is author of “When The State Speaks.” On today’s show he tells David,

The Republican Party has a long tradition of caring about the Constitution. It’s not too long ago that the Tea Party’s main thing was careful reading or a strict reading of the Constitution, and I have to believe that there is some percentage of Republican members of the House of Representatives who still care about the Constitution. And if that’s right, and I’m sure it is, they’ve got to find the strength and the courage to stand up and say, “No.” If the president was deliberately impeding an investigation of himself by firing the FBI director then that’s an impeachable offense. That’s their obligation. And it’s not about party. The Republican Party cannot survive it if it’s just the party of Donald Trump. It’s also supposed to be, like the Democrats, a party of constitutional principle.

Listen to entire episode here:


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