1. David:

    Hope you will have a good Ha’mas. I, myself, am cursing the darkness.

    Yesterday, shortly after it was leaked from the White House that they were willing to raise the cut-off for extending the tax cuts to $800,000 and that they were proposing a revised formula to reduce the Social Security COLA, your “fuehrer”, President Obama, blessed us all with a record breaking string of platitudes:

    “Averting this middle-class tax hike is not a Democratic responsibility or a Republican responsibility. With their votes, the American people have determined that governing is a shared responsibility between both parties. In this Congress, laws can only pass with support from Democrats and Republicans. And that means nobody gets 100 percent of what they want. Everybody has got to give a little bit, in a sensible way. We move forward together, or we don’t move forward at all.”

    Soooooo, everyone has got to give a little bit, except the rich.

    That came the day after his expectation lowering speech appointing Biden to lead the charge on reducing gun violence, in which he said “Even if we can only save one life, we have to take action”. One life? One? I mean, one?

    Anyway, you and your shows continue to be a highlight of my day. Don’t let the bastards wear you down.

    How about taking a plate of knish to Dore’s next roundtable. While they all have their mouths full you can “let them have it”.


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