You’re Not Paranoid


America has entered an era of Corporate PSYOPS. This is dangerous stuff. Corporations are spying on political activists and our Justice Department is prosecuting journalists who are trying to tell you this. Why did Aaron Swartz kill himself? Professor Peter Ludlow’s chilling article in The Nation Magazine details the convergence of private intelligence firms and the CIA. Journalists and hacktivists are already locked up in America for exposing this. We talk with Professor Ludlow who writes in The Nation, “Why should we care about the cases of Aaron Swartz, Jeremy Hammond, Barrett Brown and Andrew Auernheimer? Apart from the great injustices done to them, there is the problem that when laws are overextended for cases like these, a precedent is established that can be used to incarcerate any of us.” Listen and then subscribe to the Nation Magazine. Also please give our show a good review on iTunes and Stitcher.