1. I had to pull over….this joke is dangerous.

    Tim Tebow is said to be dating fellow virgin and Olympian Lola Jones. Lola says Tim is a real gentleman who always removes his purity ring before fisting her.

  2. re: Britney’s piercings

    Really like the new annotated joke feature. How about putting a running commentary-exposition on a separate audio channel?

    Finally, somebody calls Tom Brokaw out for what he is!

  3. I can’t believe how great your show is an how stupid the people who comment on the site are. Keep up the good work David, and get a better class of listeners.

    • You don’t need itunes to listen. I play through winamp, but it should use whatever player is enabled in your browser. Just “click” on “Play Now”. In my browser, there is an embedded player (“podtrac”) that starts.


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