Ana Kasparian

ana kasparian

Dom Irrera was recently voted one of the hundred funniest comics of all time by Comedy Central. Also Ana Kasparian,Laura House, King of TV Paul Goebel, Steve Skrovan and Film Critic Michael Snyder.

Ana Kasparian is the American co-host and producer for the online news show The Young Turks. Kasparian began working as a fill-in producer for The Young Turks in 2007, and is now co-host of the main show and host of The Point on the TYT Network. She also appeared on the TV version of the show that aired on Current TV.

Kasparian started as an assistant producer with CBS Radio news stations in Los Angeles, first with KFWB and then KNX. She has also worked with AOL News, YouTube, TidalTv and On Point. In addition to being the host of TYT, Ana Kasparian appeared frequently on the English version of the Russian-based channel RT and RT America.

After becoming a fill-in host in April 2007, Kasparian became the producer and co-host with Cenk Uygur of the progressive talk radio on Sirius XM Satellite Radio and internet show/TV show The Young Turks. She co-hosted TYT University, a show focused on issues faced by university students for some years, and now hosts another TYT Network show, The Point. Ana is an agnostic. She completed her Master of Political Science in 2010.