Andrew Cuomo Refuses To Take GO! For An Answer, Episode 1263

Topics: America’s number one cop killer is now Covid; Governor Cuomo clings to power and then sexually assaults it; Time’s Up for Roberta Kaplan who runs Time’s Up; Obama’s 60th was a giant FU to the people who voted for him; Florida’s Gov. DeSantis polls very well among Covid variants ; Hungary’s Victor Orbán and Tucker Carlson

Guests With Time Stamps: 6:09 David does The News 10:15 Compassion for the unvaccinated: Dr. Harriet Fraad, “Capitalism Hits Home” 38:38 Andrew Cuomo frightened little man? Or just a supreme a-hole. Dave Sirus, who just got an Emmy nod for his work on SNL 1:04:16 The FBI dropped the ball with Kavanaugh. Peter B. Collins 1:33:43 What was Tucker Carlson doing in Hungary? Professor Adnan Husain 2:02:23 UN Climate Panel concludes the next 30 years will get a lot worse. Professor Mary Anne Cummings 2:20:10 Professor Ann Li and Professor Jonathan Bick 2:48:12 Professor Mike Steinel 3:14:49 Texas Thom Webber 3:39:40 Henry Hakamaki and Professor Adnan Husain talk with Dr. Adam D. K. King, Post-Doctoral Visitor in the Department of Politics at York University in Toronto, Canada on Right-wing populism, organized labor, and white workers.