Ban Guns Not Muslims 


Congressional Communications Director Tina Dupuy, Fox News Radio’s Barry Weintraub, Comic Nick Mullen, Comic PJ Landers, and Comic Tamer Kattan talk Stephen Bannon, the Muslim Bannon, Jared and Ivanka, Holocaust Denying in the White House, Standing up to Fascism, Young French Women, Corporate Controlled Speech, Rape Jokes, Performing Comedy Overseas and The End of Our Republic.

Tamer Kattan won the 2015 World Series of Comedy and has TV & Radio credits on BBC and SkyTV in the UK as well as in the U.S. on Fox, HULU, HGTV & truTV.

Nick Mullen is the host of the subversively funny podcast on iTunes Cum Town.

Tina Dupuy has written for The Atlantic, Vox, The Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly and spent the past several years in D.C. as a congressional communications director.

Barry Weintraub is a comic who has spent nearly 25 years working in talk radio.

PJ Landers is a political satirist fighting the good fight here in Manhattan.

Graphic by: Steven James

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  1. With rights, like free speech, come responsibilities for speech (and the many forms speech takes). Rabid free speech defenders almost never mention free speech RESPONSIBILITIES that we all — the powerful, the powerless and everyone in between — must all adhere to in order to get along. Free speech (like many other freedoms, political and otherwise) has always been regulated in some form — through (1) social acceptable norms and common behavioral mores, through (2) religious and clerical teachings and practices, with (3) raw power like control literacy and wealth (or lack of), and by (4) codified laws including constitutions. To suggest otherwise, or to suggest that speech shouldn’t be regulated in some form, is to hope against a history of social order that allows for the practice of our individual political freedoms in the presence of others. In other words, the freedom to swing my arm ends at your face.

    Pseudo- and proto-libertarians argue against regulations using high-minded philosophical maxims because, absent the utopian world they have constructed in their own minds, they have no practical structures, mechanisms, or practices to realize the paradise they have constructed in with their own imaginative egos. As well, they can name no practical, historical examples where these cults ever existed. They can only speak of their hallowed first principles — their brilliant thoughts. Ideas are for geniuses. Work is for minions. Campaigning seems easy. Governing takes work.

    Donald Trump and Steve Bannon are as much hard-charging, straight-talking business executives, as they are righteous prophets and noble saviors. They are American apostates. They not only ignore our laws, including the constitution, they violate the very norms and cultural practices that serve as the underpinnings to an orderly society. They exercise rights without responsibilities. They have created nothing. They will destroy everything.

  2. I love the longer formats, and the one on one is nice, but I still love the round table. Each guest had a different perspective and brought insights — so I’d love for there to be similar podcasts in the future. 80% political commentary 20% comedy … the perfect blend.


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