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Thoughts On Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day to Rush Limbaugh and his pilonidal cyst, as well as to Donald Trump and his five deferments. Today Joe Biden honored George W. Bush in Philadelphia...

Trump Rubs UnKosher Salt Into Our Wounds

Trump blamed the synagogue for not having an armed guard on duty. Oh, now I get it. So when the NRA insists guns prevent America from turning into a police state they...

Conspiracy Theories Kill

If you are open to conspiracy theories, if you’re willing to entertain conspiracy theories, it’s because you lack the critical thinking necessary to separate reliable sources from imaginary ones.

Elite Schools Are Toxic Health Hazards

A new study shows students attending elite schools are three times as likely to develop drug and alcohol addiction than students attending inner city public schools. Why are...

Audiences love the anger: Alex Jones, or someone like him, will be back

Michael J. Socolow, Associate Professor, Communication and Journalism, University of Maine This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article. Written by Michael J. Socolow, University of Maine Confrontational characters spouting conspiracy theories and promoting...
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