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The Crazy Cool Comedy of Bob Rubin

bob rubin pink poodle

Bob Rubin, one of the most cerebral and hilarious comedians out there join Laura House and Jerry Stahl for a carnival house of a show. Be sure to put your drinks down while listening to this episode or you’ll be doing a lot of spit takes! Also, David Feldman kicks off the show with a loose conversation with KPFK’s John Matthews.

The Rube jumping through a flaming tube. Yes, this actually happened.

The Rube jumping through a flaming tube. Yes, this actually happened.

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Kansas Governor Sam Brownback Is Now Going To Lose In November

Governor Sam Brownback is the matter with Kansas.

The Wall Street Journal is now reporting:

More than 100 Republican former officeholders, elected officials and past party officials endorsed the Democratic opponent of Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback Tuesday, the latest sign of re-election troubles for one of the nation’s most conservative governors.

How did this happen? What’s the matter with Kansas? Governor Sam Brownback is one of the most religious politicians on the right, and he accepted as received wisdom that tax cuts for the rich create jobs. Just like religion, if you repeat economic nonsense enough times only the ignorant except it as the truth.

Brownback’s tax cuts have destroyed Kansas, just like the tax cuts from George Bush, whose favorite philosopher was Jesus, almost destroyed America.

According to Sunday’s New York Times:

There was only one reason for the state’s plummeting revenues, and that was the spectacularly ill-advised income tax cuts that Mr. Brownback and his fellow Republicans engineered in 2012 and 2013. The cuts, which largely benefited the wealthy, cost the state 8 percent of the revenue it needs for schools and other government services. As the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities noted, that’s about the same as the effect of a midsize recession. Moody’s cut the state’s debt rating in April for the first time in at least 13 years, citing the cuts and a lack of confidence in the state’s fiscal management.

Brownback says we need to give the cuts more time. Easy for him, he still has a job, at least until November.

Austerity on the backs of the poor coupled with tax breaks for the rich has been completely discredited. Locally, nationally and in Europe. Only a religious zealot could ignore the evidence and still believe.

These people, of all religious stripes including mine, have to be purged from our government. Blind faith only works when you’re listening to Ginger Baker.

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Chris McGuire

chris mcguire

Writer/Comedian Chris McGuire joins a very silly Laura House and Jerry Stahl to talk about working on shows like the recently cancelled Arsenio Hall Show, The Burn with Jeff Ross and many others. Plus David goes over Joan Rivers horrible business practices with Melodie Shaw, field representative and organizer for The Writers Guild of America West. David also talks with his co host of the Ralph Nader Radio Hour, Steve Skrovan. And last but not least, music by Will Ryan and the Cactus County Cowboys.

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Pope Francis Says, “About 2% of Catholic Priests Are Child Molesters”

Pope Frances made the comments on Thursday during an interview that ran today.

The BBC is reporting that Pope Francis has told a reporter that “about 2%” of his priests are child molesters. What’s truly astounding is not the number, but that Francis seems to be the first Pope willing to confront the problem head on through transparency.   

Pope Frances conducted the interview last Thursday with La Repubblica which has published it today. Reports the BBC:

In the interview, Pope Francis was quoted as saying that the 2% estimate came from advisers. It would represent around 8,000 priests out of a global number of about 414,000.

The interview was conducted by reporter Eugenio Scalfari who did not record it.

According to the BBC, Pope Frances also opened the door to ending rules regarding celibacy. Pope Frances noted that the Vatican ordered Priests to be celibate 900 years after the death of Jesus Christ. Some think the Pope was suggesting there is nothing in the bible commanding priests and nuns to be celibate.

Responding to the 2% figure in the article, a Vatican spokesman insisted there were no Cardinals who were child molesters.

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via BBC News – Pope Francis: ‘About 2%’ of Catholic clergy paedophiles.

Listen to our show:

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Joan Rivers About To Get Kicked Out of Writers Guild For “Scabbing”

Once again Joan River is in danger of being kicked out of the Writers Guild.

Once again Joan River is in danger of being kicked out of the Writers Guild.

Under Deal Made With Guild in 2013 Rivers Promised to Stop Writing During Strike, But Rivers Continues To Write Violating Union Rules

Joan Rivers could face expulsion from the Writers Guild of America for failure to stop writing on a television show that writers are currently striking. That show, according to a union official, is E’s “Fashion Police” hosted by Rivers. Before going on strike Rivers’ writers were earning $610.00 a week with no health insurance. Their strike against E’s “Fashion Police” continues while Rivers violates union rules by writing on the show.

Rivers’ troubles with the union started back in October of 2013 after the Writers Guild scheduled a disciplinary hearing to determine if Rivers should be expelled for scabbing. Right before that hearing was to take place an embarrassed Rivers assured the Guild that she would stop writing and support her writers in their efforts to join the very same union she has been a member of for decades. Now once again she could get kicked out of it.

According to an interview on Pacifica Radio with Melodie Shaw, field representative and organizer for The Writers Guild of America West, Rivers has broken her promises to the union and has even given interviews calling her writers “idiots” and “schmucks” for organizing.

Shaw added that Rivers verbally abused the writers on E’s Fashion Police after they approached her about joining the union.


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