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Don Rickles : ‘One Night Only’

Don Rickles will get the Don Rickles treatment from fellow comedians on May 28 on Spike TV during One Night Only: an All-Star Comedy Tribute to Don Rickles with David Letterman, Jerry Seinfeld, Jon Stewart, Jimmy Kimmel and Bob Newhart entertaining and celebrating the comedy icon. The only thing not announced is how quickly the celebration will turn into a roast of the 87-year old insult comic. Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese, Tracy Morgan, John Stamos, Regis Philbin, Ray Romano and Brad Garrett will also attend the event to honor Rickles’s legendary career.

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Mad Men Recap

Mad Men Recap: Welcome to the Beginning of the End

Every week, Wired takes a look at the latest episode of  Mad Men  through the lens of the latest media campaign of advertising agency Sterling Cooper & Partners. Image: AMC “Are you ready? Because I want you to pay attention. This is the beginning of something. Do you have time to improve your life? Do you have precisely 30 seconds for a word from AccuTron watches? The watch appears, bottom third. The second hand moves with a fluid sweep, and above it? ‘AccuTron Time.’ You go into a business meeting. Is there food in your teeth?

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