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Obama Nails It

Sadly, he's the best we got.

This is from today’s New York Times. Just because Obama is running for reelection it doesn’t mean he isn’t speaking the truth. This pretty much says it all:

At a campaign fund-raiser in Redwood City, Calif., on Wednesday, for instance, Mr. Obama said Republicans wanted “bigger tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans,” “deeper cuts” in Medicare and education, “even more power” for banks to do as they please, and fewer regulations that protect consumers. “But that’s not new,” he added. “That was tried, remember? The last guy did all this.”

He presented Mr. Bush’s record in caustic terms. “We watched a record surplus that was squandered on tax cuts for folks who didn’t need them and weren’t asking for them,” he said. “We saw two wars being waged on a credit card. We saw speculation in the financial sector, reaping huge profits for a few folks who were making bets with other people’s money, but it was a flimsy kind of success. Manufacturing left our shores. A shrinking number of Americans did really, really well, but a growing number saw falling incomes and stagnant job growth.”

via After Digs at His Predecessor, Obama Will Host Bushes at White House –

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Hair Apparent

Donald Trump told the ladies on The View today that he would say yes to Mitt Romney if the presumptive nominee asked him to run for vice president.

From CNN

“A lot of people are asking that question,” he added. Not known for his modesty, Trump said, “A lot of people are asking that question. I think probably that won’t happen, but I’ll do anything I can to help this country get balanced again because we are a mess.”

You know, I can understand asking Trump to be your running mate. They’ll put just about anybody on the Republican ticket.  What I can’t understand is why they put him on The View. I thought The View had standards.

Romney should consider Trump as his running mate. I think Trump could be very useful taking traditional blue states and turning them orange.

In order to get his way Donald Trump will often hold his breath until he turns Orange.

Donald Trump as America’s vice president would finally put an end to our long national tragedy. The Apprentice.

It’s been said the vice presidency “isn’t worth a warm bucket of spit,” and according to his latest tax returns neither is Trump.

As a devout Mormon and Church Elder Romney would probably be ashamed to have as his running mate someone who owns a casino in Vegas that doesn’t turn a profit.



TRENDING: Romney-Trump 2012? – CNN Political Ticker – Blogs.

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Australian Waterfront Dispute of 1998

Tim O'Brien composer of "With These Arms."

This week’s union song, “With These Arms,”

By Robin Roberts

This week’s union song, “With These Arms,” by songwriter Tim O’Brien was inspired by the Australian Waterfront Dispute of 1998 when the Patrick Corporation, which controlled the waterfront, drove out the Maritime Union of Australia in an illegal restructuring of their workforce.

The government, in support, gutted the Industrial Relations Act, renamed it the Workplace Relations Act of 1996, and all but eliminated collective bargaining in an effort to break the MUA.

On April 8, 1998, all dockworkers were fired. The next day the docks re-opened staffed by non-union workers.

The union sued in federal court and won.  A new agreement was signed in June 1998.


Originally Broadcast May 25, 2012. Actress Janie Haddad Tompkins and Aaron Ginsburg stop by to talk about “Janie And Aaron Does Hollywood,” another podcast that will soon eclipse David’s. More union songs from Robin Roberts. Also stuff from our archives.

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The Postules In David’s Ears Are Leaking Ideas

Nationwide On Pacifica Radio

The NATO summit in Chicago ended peacefully…

except for a handful of Criminal lowlifes who feed off pandemonium and division. But enough about Angela Merkle and David Cameron.

A glass vial that contains Ronald Reagan’s blood is being auctioned off to the highest bidder. Just like Reagan’s presidency.

The blood dates all the way back to 1954 when MCA opened the books, Lew Wasserman pricked Reagan’s trigger finger and declared him a “made man.”

Last year Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg joined Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett in a  “Giving Pledge“, promising to shave off half their wealth before they’re dead. On Saturday, Zuckerberg kept that promise by marrying Priscilla Chan.

Priscilla is a Baby Doctor. Which is odd considering pediatricians aren’t allowed to marry their patients.

Actually the couple met at Harvard while Zuckerberg was a student. Of other people’s ideas.

Meanwhile Facebook stock is said to be a complete flop. Which I’m pretty sure is how Mrs. Zuckerberg describes her wedding night.

Gee. Zuckerberg’s personal finances and love life are suddenly an open book. Well that’s to be expected Mark when you finally get around to opening an account on Facebook.

Although Zuckerberg owns twenty four percent of the Facebook stock he controls 57 percent of the voting power. That means the vast majority of people who put money into Facebook have absolutely no say. Or as they call that in Washington”, Democracy.”

Meanwhile to avoid paying taxes on his multi billion-dollar profits, Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin has given up his American citizenship and moved to Asia. I guess if corporations are people, Eduardo Saverin would be Apple Computers.

By the way, last year, 1,780 multi millionaires and or billionaires renounced their citizenship and left America to avoid paying taxes.  Maybe we should build that wall. To keep them in. Prison.

Two and half million Americans behind bars and somehow there’s no room at the inn for any of these tax cheats.   Hard to break the law when you’re the ones writing it.





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CineCull: Selecting the Best in New Films

Here are some of Film Critic Michael Snyder’s favorite movies currently in theaters or on demand:


An extremely powerful French ensemble drama about the Child Protection unit of the Paris police force. A movie that should be seen, not shunned, for its volatile subject matter — by anyone who cares about the welfare of the innocent and abused and the toll taken on those who defend the helpless.


Epic and intimate, witty and thrilling, this true blockbuster follows the escapades of superheroes Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, the Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye as they band together to save the world. A satisfying culmination of the recent series of live-action movies from Marvel Films with terrific actors, including Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, and Scarlet Johanssen, humanizing the comic-book icons.


This bracing mega-dark comedy is writer-director Bobcat Goldthwait’s scathing attack on America’s obsession with celebrity culture, reality TV, and materialism as well as the population’s general coarseness, selfishness and sense of entitlement. A divorced office worker, brilliantly played by Joel Murray, snaps when he loses his job and his ex-wife and daughter turn on him. Teaming with an alienated high-school girl, he goes on a killing spree.


Gutsy and entertaining romantic comedy about two bickering musicians — a guy and a girl — who find themselves handcuffed together at a rock festival where they are set to perform with their respective bands. Over the course of a day, they start to fall for one another. Actually shot at a renowned Scottish music fest.


When a couple of fledgling investigative journalists attempt to infiltrate a suburban Southern California cult headed by a mysterious, charismatic young woman, they find themselves in over their heads. A chilling, provocative low-budget mix of psychological drama and found-footage tension.


Originally Broadcast May 21, 2012. Reverend Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell and the Religious Right. With Kevin Rooney, Jimmy Dore, Frank Conniff, and Michael Snyder.

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King Of TV Picks For The Week

The King Of TV has picked some television for us to watch this week.

Paul Goebel The King Of TV

HOLLYWOOD- Hey folks. It’s season finale time.

American Idol
Phillip Phillips is a great performer and he put off surgery to finish the show.

The Middle
Norm McDonald returns as Mike’s brother who is getting married.

Men at Work
New sitcom on TBS with Danny Masterson

How to Be a Gentleman
Canceled show, burning off episodes.

Hatfields & McCoys
Miniseries about the famous feud.


Originally Broadcast May 22, 2012. Juan Carlos’s murderous rampage continues. King Of TV, Paul Goebel, Gary Shapiro, Paul Dooley, Will Ryan, Frank Conniff, Stefane Zamorano and Jimmy Dore. Music and conversation.

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