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King Of TV Picks For The Week

The King Of TV has picked some television for us to watch this week. Paul Goebel The King Of TV HOLLYWOOD- Hey folks. It's season finale time. Tuesday American Idol Phillip Phillips is a great performer and he...

John Edwards’s Testes Money

The jury in the John Edwards trial is deliberating the fate of the former senator and presidential candidate. In getting our "Best Of Paul Dooley" episode ready we came across this sketch Paul wrote...

Mitt’s Bully Pulpit

David tackles Mitt Romney, and then pins him to the ground until he cries, as well as Henry Kissinger and the IMF in this week's commentary for Salon.  

Feldman’s Brain Is Oozing

Women who use non-oral hormonal contraceptives, like patches and vaginal rings, may be at a higher risk of blood clots. Finally some good news for Rick Santorum. Mitt Romney told Republican supporters, “What I did...

David Feldman Speaks At Pitzer College Graduation

As a standing Pitzer College tradition, the graduating senior class selects its keynote speaker for the commencement ceremony.  This year the senior class has selected David Feldman, Emmy award winning comedy writer and performer....

A Moment Of Feldman

This week the French elected a new president despite the fact that he fathered four children out of wedlock. Did I say “despite?” I meant because he fathered four children out of wedlock The new president,...

France Has A New President

David tackles the week's news in his commentary for Salon.

Obama Goes Gome

David discusses the President's trip to Afghanistan and Bin Laden's name change in this commentary for Salon.

Feldman’s Been Thinking

Yesterday Barack Obama landed in Afghanistan, or as Fox News reported, "President goes home." Mr. President? Going to Afghanistan is easy. The hard part is knowing when to leave. On Wednesday Newt Gingrich officially broke it...
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