Comedian Johnny Steele

johnny steele

Comedian Johnny Steele reminisces about the early San Francisco comedy scene, and the documentary 3 Still Standing that he stars in with Larry “Bubbles” Brown and Will Durst. Then, the director of Vegucated, Marisa Miller Wolfson explains the benefits of having a vegan diet.


  1. I remember seeing Johnny Steele in SF back in the day!!! He’s amazing. Many thanks for putting him on the show, I hope to see the documentary as soon as it’s available.

    Cutting meat from my diet is a big goal of mine this year, the information from Marisa was good reinforcement. I think there can be some balance if we logically use our resources. California is experiencing the consequences of its idiotic actions with regards to irrigating desert to provide food as well as setting no limits on how far and wide it allows the Los Angeles megalopolis to spread into that desert – as a former lifelong, born and raised Californian, it made no sense to me when I saw irrigated land spread south along the I-5 and highway 101 in areas that literally had nothing but tumbleweeds and cactus. It’s time to pay for that idiocy.

    Similarly, when I see news reports of Texas ranchers losing herds of cattle in heat waves I have zero sympathy as that area does not have the water resources to support millions of cows. In the upper midwest and northeast (where I live now), beef cattle and dairy cows are much more easily supported due to an abundance of water and lower average temperatures. From my research online, a steer will drink 7 gallons of water per day and a dairy cow, 25 gallons, in the moderate temperatures of New England. We have local and regional dairy and beef that is organically raised, and we can buy it directly from the farm. Yes, it’s more expensive than from a supermarket but we’re paying the actual cost for this responsibly raised luxury. The rest of America needs to step up.


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