1. I always love hearing from the Professor. I think a problem we are creating with Cosby is combining the artist/performer with his role. Cosby was never Mr. Huxtable and we should never conflate the two just as we wouldn’t about any other performer and the role or persona that they put on display.

    I also don’t think Cosby always presented material that made white America “comfortable” – certainly Fat Albert was about inner city kids but check out this video from KCET that Cosby did about prejudice in 1971, prejudice against whites is also called out, I don’t think that he was letting black people off the hook even back then.


  2. However, I can’t agree with the Professor regarding giving 2nd amendment “patriots” some wiggle room by talking about government “credibility” and “legitimacy” because gun nuts are shooting people up for those very reasons already: in Pennsylvania and Austin in just the last month alone.

    This weekend is the 2nd anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre, just to the south of where I live, also the 20th anniversary of a mass shooting at Simons Rock College where my kids go to swim team. In the 2 years since Sandy Hook, we’ve had, at last count, 95 school shootings. There are countries who have swept into action after 1 school shooting, determined to never let it happen again, but for Americans, it’s ok for this to continue the insanity, with the added bonus of terrorizing a generation of kids with monthly “armed intruder lockdown” drills as my children have to endure as illustrated in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKmvrOZxhWo

    But in reality the lockdown drills are scarier than that – the kids have to barricade the door first, then turn out the lights in the main room and cover the window, then they all cram into the bathroom and lock that door with the lights out – frequently some of my kids classmates start crying because it is terrifying. But yeah, it makes more sense to do that every month, to every child than curb our access to firearms.


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