Cuomo, Woody, Bezos, Biden & Other Predators, Episode 1218

The Mop Up For March 2, 2021

Topics: Cuomo’s hostile work environment included sexual harassment and killing grandma; Woody Allen turns out to be a thug; Jeff Bezos is a disease and Joe Biden’s handing 2022 to the GOP.

Guests With Time Stamps: 3:16​ David does The News 44:03​ Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling 57:40​ Jon Ross, comedy writer and gentleman farmer 1:10:37​ Mark Breslin, founder and president of Yuk Yuk’s, the largest comedy club in North America 1:39:08​ Congressional Candidate Shervin Aazami 2:01:20​ Howie Klein, Down With Tyranny and The Blue America PAC 2:29:41​ Henry Hakamaki talks with Margaret Kimberley author of “Prejudential: Black America and the Presidents” and editor and senior columnist at Black Agenda Report 3:06:31​Dr. Harriet Fraad, “Capitalism Hits Home” and “It’s Not Just In Your Head” 3:31:14​ Professor Adnan Husain, chairman of religion department Queens University in Ontario and host of “Guerrilla History” and “The Majlis” podcasts 4:06:53​ Professor Mary Anne Cummings, parks commissioner Aurora, Illinois 4:45:07​ Jim Earl, Emmy and Peabody award winning comedy writer and FBI informant 5:38:16​ Professor Mike Steinel does whatever he wantsThe David Feldman Show features a diverse mixture of comedians, actors, professors, comedy writers and journalists talking about your world. 6:08:54​ Dan Frankenberger’s community billboard