Donald Trump Is A Bad Father

NEW YORK- To those who maintain Donald Trump is a good father: what kind of dad creates three cripples who are too frightened to work for somebody other than their father? The idiot child is always the one who works for her dad. Because she’s too weak, too lazy to do it on her own. Donald Trump created not one but three of these halfwits. THREE!


He’s a horrible father who put three arrogant weaklings into the universe. They will never know the dignity that comes from earning an honest living, and so they rob that dignity from others. More importantly, they will never know what it means to earn real and genuine respect from coworkers or themselves.

Every day of their lives Donald Trump’s three incurious children must wrestle with our centuries old American work ethic which mocks Ivanka, Eric and Don Junior and reminds them that they are frauds who preach self reliance while cashing daddy’s paycheck. From our nation’s founding Nepotism, like primogeniture, was frowned upon because it’s inherently shameful and unfair.

Just like sexual harassment, nepotism signals to everyone that advancement is not based entirely on merit. It taints the evolutionary spirit of true capitalism. Nepotism hurts your company and savages your child’s sense of self worth.

So to those desperately seeking something decent in Donald Trump, No! Don’t say, “He seems like a good father.” Above all else Donald Trump is a horrible father.

He’s also a horrible businessman who favors family loyalty over competence. If he honestly believes Ivanka, Eric and Don Junior are the three most qualified minds to run his business then he has no business picking a cabinet let alone his rat infested ass.

Trump’s children are intellectual pygmies. They are weak and they are cripples. If you love your children you don’t cripple them. Everything he touches turns bad. Including his children.

Bad father. Bad man. Let’s hold him accountable to the rule of law. Impeachment starts now.

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