Gilbert Gottfried & Sarah Tiana


Jackie The Joke Man Martling. On today’s family friendly episode Gilbert and David tackle the most pressing issues of our time, like what are Marty Allen, Chevy Chase and Will Jordan really like? Did Paul Lynde like Jews? Does anyone? Gilbert Gottfried hosts The Amazing Colossal Podcast, one of the greatest thing’s on Earth. Sarah Tiana is a regular on @Midnight on Comedy Central, regular on Chelsea Lately, regular/writer on The Josh Wolf Show on CMT. She has been a writer for Jeff Ross and The Burn, host of the Roast Of Justin Beiber Red Carpet, Host of the CMA’s Red Carpet and writes on all the Comedy Central Roasts. Jackie The Joke Man’s latest book is From Bow To Stern. Check out our new You Tube channel.


  1. Gilbert, there’s a real good reason why Gomez acts like Groucho, and the overall Marxian quality of THE ADDAMS FAMILY. The show’s producer (and uncredited head writer) is none other than Nat Perrin, co-writer of DUCK SOUP and lifelong friend of Groucho Marx. His name has come up in the Steve Stolier episodes of your podcast.

  2. And he’s the only person I’ve ever known who does a Burgess Meredith impression. Burgess Meredith is from my hometown, a fact that I’ve always been proud of.

  3. David, I’ve listened to probably every interview that Gilbert has ever done, and this is one of the best. Please have him back on soon. You two play well together.


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