The GOP’s Racist Past And Future

Laura Ingraham has a history of racism dating back to her days over at the Dartmouth Review.

Republicans are never exactly clear why we need more guns. Sometimes Republicans say we need guns because civilization is breaking down and there’s nobody left to protect us. Other times Republicans say we need more guns because there’s too many people protecting us, those protectors being the police, and so we need guns to protect ourselves from the people protecting us. Republicans can’t agree on why we need more guns, they only agree we need more of them.

Laura Ingraham has a history of racism dating back to her days over at the Dartmouth Review.
Laura Ingraham has a history of racism dating back to her days over at the Dartmouth Review.

Republicans pull off this conflicted narrative by draping themselves in the flag. They just can’t seem to agree on which flag. Most Republicans love the American flag. That’s the flag we’re never supposed to burn because American soldiers died for that flag, killed by soldiers brandishing the Nazi and Confederate flags, two flags which, sadly, more and more Republicans seem to be embracing these days.

Take for example the married couple that killed those two Las Vegas police officers last weekend and left a swastika as their calling card. Before committing this act of domestic terrorism they lived with Fox News darling Cliven Bundy who earlier this year engaged in an armed standoff with federal agents coming to collect grazing fees in excess of one million dollars Bundy owed our Bureau of Land Management. Outgunned, our federal agents backed away. And so Hannity, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham let out a rebel yell embracing this act of treason and celebrated Bundy as an American folk hero. That is until Bundy had a few choice words to say about the Negro. That rebel yell of Hannity’s, Beck’s, Limbaugh’s and Ingraham’s immediately dissipated even though they all shared Bundy’s long shameful history of choice words about the Negro.

Never forget Eric Cantor hunter Laura Ingraham first came to the right wing’s attention while she was an undergraduate penning articles for the Dartmouth Review savagely mocking affirmative action, Ebonics and black music professors with “words about the Negro” most of her black targets considered racist. Whether right-wingers want to admit it, that swastika left at the Las Vegas crime scene with the two dead cops has found a cozy little home inside the Republican Party. Sean Hannity is always quick to point out that the Democratic Party played host to the Southern segregationists. But all that changed in 1964 when LBJ launched his Great Society. And so by the late ‘80s when Grand Wizard of the KKK David Duke ran for political office, he did it as a Republican. It’s been that way ever since.

Republican Speaker Boehner has complained privately about the Tea Party.
Republican Speaker Boehner has complained privately about the Tea Party.

Not all Republicans are racist, but most Tea Partiers are. Despite efforts by moderate Republicans earlier in the year to marginalize the Tea Party, the GOP is being hijacked by gun toting secessionists who hate our government, hate our police, and hate anyone who isn’t a white Christian. In private Republican Speaker John Boehner despises the Tea Party, but is too frightened to do anything about them.

Consider the plight of Laura Ingraham’s target Eric Cantor who was Majority Leader until he was defeated Tuesday by a Tea Party candidate even though Cantor did everything to placate the Tea Party except convert to Christianity. Eric Cantor’s a Jew, who discovered Tuesday there’s no place at the Tea Party for somebody who isn’t Christian.

The loudest voices in the GOP these days hate government, hate blacks, and hate anyone who isn’t Christian and at the same time are demanding their constitutional right to both privacy and guns. I don’t know where this all heading. I do know America is left with a choice: privacy or guns. We can no longer have both because the GOP has gone bat guano crazy. Just like after 911 America is under attack, this time by domestic right wing extremists demanding two things, guns and privacy. And they deserve neither.

Like most law abiding Americans if I have to choose between the police tapping our phones in order to keep an eye on America’s right wing lunatic fringe or these crazy ammo-toting Republicans with swastikas and Confederate flags who insist on their privacy—I’ll chose the police. Snoop away Big Brother. And while you’re in there, take away their guns.



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