It’s Time For Tucker Carlson’s Displacement, Episode 1231

The Mop Up For April 15, 2021

Topics: Derek Chauvin won’t talk and Congressman Jim Jordan needs to shut his mouth

Guests With Time Stamps: 3:46​ Jon Ross, writer/comedian and gentleman farmer 30:13​ Mike Rowe, Emmy Award winning comedy writer, Futurama and Family Guy, and author of “It’s A Funny Thing: How the Professional Comedy Writing Business Made Me Fat and Bald” 1:05:55​ Ed Larsen, Comic, Roundtable of Gentlemen, Brighter Side, & Thick Skin w/ Jeff Ross podcasts plus star of “How America Killed My Mother” 1:30:41​ Grace Jackson, “Literary Hangover,” talks with Dr. David Brophy, Senior Lecturer in Modern Chinese History at the University of Sydney 2:03:15​ Dr. Philip Herschenfeld, Freudian psychoanalyst, and Ethan Herschenfeld, noted son of Dr. Philip Herschenfeld 2:31:53​ The Rev. Barry W. Lynn, Americans United For Separation of Church and State 3:39:53​ Emil Guillermo, host of The PETA Podcast, and columnist of The Asian American Legal Defense and Education fund 4:01:48​ Tom Webber, host of “Spirituality and Activism” 4:34:17​ Dan Frankenberger’s Community Billboard 4:41:51​ The Professors and Mary Anne: Professor Mary Anne Cummings, Professor Jonathan Bick, and Professor Ian Faloona 5:41:38​ Molly Basler, candidate for LA City Council talks with John Hays 6:08:45​ Professor Harvey J. Kaye, “FDR on Democracy,” and Alan Minsky, executive director of Progressive Democrats of America