June 30, 2018

Roseanne fired me 25 years ago from her sitcom. So People asked me to comment. Here was my response:

Hi Christina,
Yeah, I didn’t want to comment on Roseanne. She is a severely mentally ill individual who is given way too much oxygen by the media, and ABC. Enough time has passed for me to thank you for contacting me, but I will not be commenting. Roseanne is a symptom of a diseased system that temporarily rewards spark and controversy to distract from the underlying illness of wealth concentration. She provided Disney an opportunity to appear inclusive through her show and subsequent firing. But Disney is gobbling up all the jobs, destroying unions suppressing wages and manufacturing toys in undemocratic regimes that torture the LGBTQ community. The Roseanne reboot will offer up an earnest portrayal of the working family’s struggle, which is the height of hypocrisy considering Disney’s role in paying wage slaves to its theme park employees.
I know you’re not interested in that part of the Roseanne story. That’s the story you can’t tell. And that’s why I waited to comment. You’re only doing your job. You’re not hurting anybody. It’s People. I get it. But my comments are not appropriate for your magazine.
Thanks again,
David Feldman
Medicare For All