Kitchen Nighmares GITMO


Kitchen Nighmares GITMO

Originally broadcast May 10, 2013. Sketches on this week’s program include Kitchen Nightmares GITMO, Governor Chris Christie’s Stomach,  and The Great Gatsby radio play presented by the great Baz Luhrmann. Paul Dooley, Rick Overton, Hal Lublin, Janie Haddad Tompkins, Jeremy S. Kramer, Kevin Rooney and Will Ryan. Written by Frank Conniff, Guy Nicolucci, David Weiss, Hal Lublin, Will Dixon, and David Feldman.

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  1. As someone who has been seeking out and listening to old-time radio drama and comedies since one had to snail-mail away for vinyl from a catalog (or go to NY’s Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts) to hear them, I have to say that the Chris Christie sketch here ranks very highly in my personal pantheon of well-done material, well suited to the medium. Very well produced as well. Even the Flintstones SFX made me laugh.


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