Manchin & Sinema Tie For World’s Biggest Asswipe, Episode 1278

Topics: Progressive Democrats derail railroading of Progressive Democrats; Congress plays baseball while America burns; General Milley lies before Congress; French President #Sarkozy found guilty; #IATSE to strike

Guests With Time Stamps:

(3:20) David Does the News

(1:10:35) Max Chafkin (tech reporter and author of “The Contrarian: Peter Thiel and Silicon Valley’s Pursuit of Power”)

(1:44:07) Arjun Hundal (“Deep into History” podcast) on the fall of the Republic of Rome and Doomerism among today’s leftists

(2:01:00) The Herschenfelds: Dr. Philip Herschenfeld (Freudian psychoanalyst), and Ethan Herschenfeld (his new comedy special “Thug, Thug Jew” is streaming on YouTube)

(2:33:26) Michael A. Cohen (journalist, editor of “Truth and Consequences”) Michael writes for MSNBC and The New Republic on the absurdities of American politics and Trump’s “Music Man”

(3:08:19) The Rev. Barry W. Lynn (Americans United for Separation of Church and State)
on “Banned Book Week”

(4:07:00) The Professors And Mary Anne: Professor Mary Anne Cummings, Professor Ann Li, Professor Jonathan Bick, and Professor Adnan Husain

(5:15:16) Professor Harvey J. Kaye (“FDR on Democracy”) and Alan Minsky (executive director of Progressive Democrats of America)

(5:48:57) Emil Guillermo (host of the PETA Podcast, and columnist for The Asian American Legal Defense And Education Fund)

(6:34:58) Dan Frankenberger’s Community Billboard