Mark Normand & Fred Stoller

Mark Normand’s Comedy Central special Don’t Be Yourself debuts this week. He talks about suffering brain freeze on last week’s Tonight Show, his insatiable need to be loved, the idiocy of dancing, and why women are attracted to men who have a lot of sex. Fred Stoller discusses his new Kindle Single, “Five Minutes to Kill: How the HBO Young Comedians Special Changed the Lives of 1989’s Funniest Comics, Warren Thomas, Drake Sather, Norm MacDonald and Jan Karem.” Fred also talks about Sarah Silverman’s exquisite beauty, David’s imaginary kids, pitching Seinfeld episodes to Larry & Jerry, Bruce Smirnoff, Richard Jeni and whether it’s healthy to give human names to cats.

We eat out veggies with Vox’s Dylan Matthews who tells how exactly to get rid of Donald Trump, AlterNet’s Alex Kotch on what Rick Perry is doing to our planet, Roast Battle Champ Dave Sirus explains women, Miami Bureau Chief Bruce Smirnoff on how giving Fred Stoller an Armani suit resulted in one of Seinfeld’s greatest episodes, and Mystery Science Theater’s J. Elvis Weinstein talks about Thought Spiral his new podcast with Andy Kindler.

David forgets Roger Ailes.

Produced by Alicia Cordova