Meet Mike Hunt

mike hunt

General Smedley Butler remembers his driver Mike Hunt. Jeremy S. Kramer, Storyteller Dylan Brody plus Will Ryan & The Cactus County Cowboys. Please subscribe to this show for free on iTunes and Stitcher. Also please use our official podcast feed:


  1. You’ve got to let us know what Will Ryan did at the end of the riff after the sudoku poem and story. If you’re not going to release the unedited recording to those of us who ask, you’ve got to at least give us a hint! Was it the holocaust, children, what was the subject at least that crossed David Feldman’s line? It sounded hilarious to the people in the room and we know Will meant nothing by it– come on ? something?

      • BTW, it really does matter whom you surround yourself with. Will Ryan is a genius, and is the kindest person I know. After a few years around me he’s woken up, as the saying goes, with flies.


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