Nostalgia For George W. Bush


Comedy writers David Sirus and Bob Powers get nostalgic for the Bush administration, Trump’s commitment to ignoring the truth, John Lewis, repealing Obamacare, the message Democrats should be sending to working class voters and Bill Kristol.

Then Jenny Rowland on her latest article How Exxon Won the 2016 Election.

Jenny is the Research and Advocacy Associate for the Public Lands Project at Center for American Progress.

Then Mattathias Schwartz from The Intercept joins us from Capitol Hill to discuss Trump’s pick for Secretary of Defense, General Mattis, and tells us why civilian rule of the military is enshrined into our constitution.


  1. Great show, David. Loved these two guests, and yes, I agree, it would be fantastic to have them on more regularly. Longer, “paragraph” length thoughts in an expanded 2 hour show … I felt like I was luxuriating in an audible spa bath! Superb.

    In continuing your desire to present a forum for dissecting what is going on today in the new era of Trumpism, I have found the following thinker/blogger particularly interesting — and you might, as well, especially when wanting to get someone from a center-right (former Republican) perspective on what is going on and how these rational thinkers can be our allies in the struggle against the new regime.

    Austin Frank is a former Republican, D.C. staffer, and writes lucidly about what motivates Trump supporters and how we might, as Democrats and progressives, learn to speak to them and convince them to join us.

    The following is one of his latest essays — I’d love for the two of you to have a discussion on one of your upcoming shows.


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