Pat Dixon Returns

Comedian Pat Dixon on sex, black eyes, Bazooka Joe, attracting women with fashion, New York City crime, rape culture, race and police brutality, and voting for Trump.

Pat Dixon is host of NYC Crime Report With Pat Dixon, which covers New York’s most unusual crimes.

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  1. Hi David,

    I’ve spent hours trying to figure out why your show with your favorite troll upset me so much … again. I’m pretty sure I’m upset with you, not him. Dixon has no obligation to be informed, nuanced or smart. In fact, he’s obviously one of those people who enjoy saying things that frequently lead to reactions along the lines of: “You’re kidding. Are you kidding? Oh my god, you’re not kidding!”

    I also can’t be mad at you for who you invite, whose company you enjoy in front of your microphone, or how little you chose to call them on their bullshit.

    But here’s the core of why I hated this show: You can’t let a lose cannon like Dixon run roughshod over the facts, conflate fact and opinion, informed commentary and right wing conspiracy theory, and then claim you’re doing a service for your pampered audience, who would not otherwise expose themselves to views they don’t like. You even at some point said contradicting him would be “too easy”. Are you sure?

    More important: Are YOU kidding? We’ve been living with Trump’s hateful bullshit for months and months. We’ve helplessly endured the incompetence, complacency and downright accompliceship of fake journalists. We’ve suffered from Hillary Clinton’s lack of skill, credibility and dedication to put this dangerous buffoon anywhere near a comfortable position in the polls, comfortable for people who define democracy differently from Vladimir Putin that is.

    You’re not providing a service by flirting with this blabbering schmuck. You’re not waking anybody up. If anything, you provide additional seeplessness because you make it look like an informed, sensitive and smart thinker rolls over in giggling infatuation for the inexplicable charm of an Alex Jones fan. If you can’t or won’t argue with a guy like that, where do we turn?

    If you really plan to indulge this weird weasel again, can you at least set it up as some sort of debate with someone who knows (and cares!) to follow his poking with well placed arguments? Maybe Sam Seder is available.

    I’ve tried to write this shorter. I couldn’t.



    • Johannes,
      Sorry you didn’t like the show. I am intellectually curious. I need to know how articulate people who are somewhat well read find their way into Trump’s camp. I think if you listen to the show in its entirety you’ll see that I did correct Pat. Sunshine is the great disinfectant. The question you should ask is Did you change your mind on Trump after listening to this episode? No. Do you really think anybody who was on the fence decided to vote for Trump? No. My job is to listen to the other side, give them enough rope and tighten it when they’re wrong. I guarantee you we did Trump no favors with his episode. The fact that you’re angry proves my point. Please keep listening.

  2. I listened to this episode today and remembered Pat Dixon’s other appearances on the show, not realizing that he was Trumpkin. That puts a whole different light on him, and “exposing” your listeners to a different point of view is presumptuous of you – as if we don’t get enough exposure to Trump in the mainstream media or from social media. Instead of spending thirty minutes talking about pleated pants and women’s butt dimples, maybe you should have spent more time on challenging Dixon’s views.

    I know you are a horrible, lousy debater. I remember how you “tried” to debate Jimmy Dore four or five years ago and it just devolved into a shouting match. You are incapable of asking a simple question without a twenty minute preamble (“let me finish” is your usual punctuation mark when confronted by someone who wants to make a point), so if you do end up re-inviting Dixon, get someone who is more quick witted in political judo to represent the left.

    You obviously have talent as a writer and comedian, but let’s be honest here, and admit that he took a big proverbial dump on your show. As a broadcaster you can’t just let the show end that way, well, you can, but that makes you no better than the idiots who run Meet The Press or the other shows that have ceased to be relevant.

    Very disappointed.

    • Buck,
      I’m sorry you didn’t like the show. Here’s the deal. I don’t do debates on my show. I have conversations, and I thought I did a pretty good job correcting Pat when he got his facts wrong. Several times I corrected him which is more than happens on most shows. you say I’m a horrible, lousy debater. Well, I don’t claim to be a great debater especially since nobody knows how to debate anymore. They stray from facts and then attack you personally. All I can do is inform my listeners. I read a lot, and care deeply about the issues I discuss. Progress also happens when you gently nudge the other side. I honestly thought I talked to a trump supporter without it getting ugly. the answer is not making stupid people realize they’re stupid. the answer is educating them–gently. That being said Trump is the biggest danger to our democracy in my lifetime. But shouting isn’t the way to defeat him.


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