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ralph nader is back

Ralph Nader is our greatest living American. This Saturday at 11:00 a.m. on KPFK we are proud to welcome the Ralph Nader Radio Hour to all our Pacifica Radio affiliates in America, Mexico and Canada. Also on our show Blue America’s PAC’s Howie Klein, Will Ryan and Film Critic Michael Snyder. Please subscribe to this show for free on iTunes and Stitcher.


  1. I’ve had a chance to calm down from your Ralph Nader’s Back episode, and I can’t believe you’re one of those ‘Gore would have been the same as Bush’ people, I thought the GW Bush presidency put an end to that line of thinking. It reminds me of the BS a lot of Green Party infants put out during the 2000 campaign. For example, one Green naif actually told me he wasn’t worried about the environment if Nader swung the election to Bush, *because Nixon created the EPA*. Totally ignoring the last 4 decades of Republican history.

    I am positive the Iraq war would not have happened under Gore, for the simple reason that his administration would not have had someone in charge of faking WMD intelligence.

    Above all, Gore was competent — an experienced legislator and VP. Whereas Dubya was the leader of a weak-governor state. The choice was clear to me then, and now.

    That said, I will listen faithfully to your new Nader show, because 1) I think you’re a genius and 2) I like to go to bed angry.

    • The only question I posed is this: Just because Bush stole the election does that give the Dems permission to role over and let him invade Iraq?

      • Then in which episode did you go on at length that ‘Iraq still would have happened’ if Gore had won? I can’t find it now, but I heard you say it.

        I still get emotional thinking about the runup to the Use Of Force Resolution. It was clear the Bush White House was manufacturing the evidence, and most of Congress was ignoring the millions marching in the streets against the war.

        I don’t think you can say it was Democrats who rolled over. A review of the recorded vote in the Senate is practically a guide to which Democrats were Blue Dogs and corporatists, and anxious not to have Bush make them look weak. For example, my state’s senators split — and the one who voted Yea had the corporatist background.

        I’m not disagreeing with anything you said about Gore giving up too easily, or that he’s a corporatist. What I disagree about is the idea that Nader — and the Green Party whose banner he was under — was a viable alternative. He and it had no experience in governing, and could not have been effective with just one branch of government & zero Green members of Congress, it was asking for gridlock.

        That is why I would have preferred a Pres. Gore, who would have governed effectively. We wouldn’t have gotten democratic-socialist paradise, but he would kept us out of stupid wars, and had a platform to act on climate change.

        If I had to choose between Dick Cheney and Joe Lieberman as VP, well they are not equivalent. Cheney is evil, whil Lieberman is primarily a narcissist.

        • The war authorization given by a democratic led senate in 2002 proved Nader’s point. I voted for Gore, not Nader. But it’s not Nader’s fault that Bush was given the presidency and the dems rolled over and treated him like a dictator.

    • I don’t believe Gore would have been as bad as Bush. I do believe Gore is a failure. And would have been a failure as president.

  2. David, Wiseline is correct. I think Steve Skrovan was also on the show and you commented that Iraq would have happened even under Gore. I’m sure I’ve heard you say that on one or two occasions, probably in the shows after the Nader interview.

    I happen to believe many of the things you say about Gore, but I also happen to think that there was a high chance 9/11 wouldn’t have happened if Gore was in charge, given the Clinton administration’s warnings about Bin Laden. It’s true though that some of the 9/11 security blunder had also to do with the lack of communication between the different government agencies. So even supposing 9/11 did occur, I still find it very difficult to believe Gore would have gone to Iraq as a result of those attacks, the Iraq invasion defied any logic…
    On the other hand, I think the 2008 crash would still have happened, since that was mostly Clinton’s doing. Gore wouldn’t have undone NAFTA either, another Clinton ‘accomplishment’ .
    But I must believe Gore would have been better for the environment. Cheney’s effect on environmental regulations alone could earn him the nickname Mr. Evil. And since the environment is the thing that is most worrisome to me, I am most definitely sure I would have preferred to witness the alternate Gore presidency.
    Well, in the end, I don’t think things would have been just as bad, but probably bad nonetheless, just in a different way 🙂
    But I do agree that Gore didn’t want the presidency bad enough. On the other hand although I do admire Mr. Nader, I do wonder if corporations can be beaten at their own game. I think REAL change in the US politics will only be feasible if comprehensive campaign finance reform is enacted. That’s the root of all evil in my opinion. But how does one achieve that?

    • I’m sorry to say that Climate Change still isn’t on the Dem’s front burner even though the earth seems to be. Gore is a changeling. 1989 Gore is not 1992 Gore is not 2000 Gore is not 2004 Gore is not 2014 Gore.

      • You’re right about that, with a few exceptions Democrats are gutless climate change. And Gore has abdicated whatever leadership he might have had on the subject. Completely invisible.

  3. Thank you for the Ralph Nader radio hour! I’m surprised it is still such a misnomer that Ralph helped Bush win the 2000 election. That’s political bigotry. If Gore were that great, he would have earned more votes. If the corrupt Commission on Presidential Debates did not exclude the viable and worthy candidates, more of the public would have heard more solutions.

    Moving onward – I am grateful for this radio show. No one explains issues important to Americans like Ralph. I am extremely grateful and will spread the word. Thank you!

  4. Ralph Nader is espeially welcome into my home at 11Am on KPFK Saturday. Never miss him. Now then, could someone furnish Ralph with a communiction device, microphone, a transmission line that does not static up, does not slush up, is not louder than comfortable to the ear, and sound like he is way, way too close to the mic. It is most annoying. If it wasn’t Ralph Nader I’d likely turn the radio off after so much aggravation to the ear.


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