Republicans Call America A Christian Nation, Episode 1361

David takes a close look at how Republicans at CPAC and Turning Points this month openly embraced Christian Nationalism. Topics: Liz Cheney; Sarah Palin going to Congress?; Rudy targeted by Georgia prosecutor; What is Quiet Quitting?; Trump’s passport was taken; Shooting at Six Flags; Drug violence in Tijuana;


00:02:35 2016 Donald Trump promising to protect classified material

00:06:00 Rudy”s lawyers say he is the subject of a criminal investigation in George

00:06:28 Senator Lindsey Graham told to testify before Georgia Grand jury looking into election fraud

00:06:55 Gunman opens fire at Six Flags Great America

00:07:45 Las Vegas airport shuts down on reports of shots fired

00:08:13 Record rain in Las Vegas results in two deaths

00:08:37 Drug cartels in Mexico turn violent, what’s the story with rival gangs?

00:10:11 What is the Jalisco New Generation drug cartel?

00:10:31 Polio is back, baby!

00:17:29 Sarah Palin might go to Congress after tomorrow

00:20:31 Liz Cheney is expected to lose tomorrow

00:21:53 How exactly January 6th is on the ballot this year, and why you should worry

00:26:19 Trump supporters once again believe what they’re told and turn violent

00:27:08 Law Enforcement receives uptick in threats after last week’s Mar a Lago raid

00:29:14 Domestic Far Right wing terrorists are our biggest security threat

00:31:52 Fox’s Steve Doocy getting spooked by all this talk about violence

00:37:54 Trump, despite what Republicans say, is no supporter of cops

00:39:50 Can Trump declassify those boxes retroactively?

00:42:35 John Bolton, Trump’s national security advisor, says Trump’s lying

00:45:14 Now they’re using The Nixon Defense

00:49:08 Charlie Kirk from Turning Points is angry

00:58:59 Republicans openly saying America is a Christian nation

01:12:21 Eric Metaxas is a Yale educated Christian who calls for violence

01:12:56 Republicans embrace Viktor Orban’s racist and Anti-Semitic vision for the world

01:26:22 Republicans are weaponizing America’s truly insane to destroy participatory democracy

01:27:27 “USA of Distraction” written and performed by Professor MIKE STEINEL

01:33:36 PASCAL ROBERT, co-host of the “This Is Revolution Podcast”

02:06:12 “Ain’t No Chairs” written and performed by Professor MIKE STEINEL

02:09:33 Comedy Writer DAVE SIRUS

02:44:49 Stump the Humps with Quizmaster DAN FRANKENBERGER

03:00:07 “I’m On My Way” written and performed by Professor MIKE STEINEL

03:03:26 Dr. HARRIET FRAAD

03:31:24 Professor ADNAN HUSAIN


04:45:17 Professor MARY ANNE CUMMINGS

05:24:33 Professor MIKE STEINEL

05:58:29 “The Gentle Lady From Casper’ written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel

06:05:09 “Something Died In My Garage” written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel

06:25:07 “Turtle” written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel