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Citizen Radio & Kelly Carlin

citizen radio kelly carlin

Jamie Kilstein and Allison Kilkenny, the hosts of the daily podcast Citizen Radio, have a new book out called Newsfail, available now from Amazon and other online retailers. They stop by to talk about the current state of the news media, and how people get their news.

Then, Kelly Carlin, the host of  Waking From The American Dream and Carlin’s Corner on Sirus XM drops in to talk about the upcoming dedication ceremony that Mayor Bill de Blasio signed into order that would allow the 400 block of West 121st Street to be renamed “George Carlin Way.” And on Oct. 22 at 1 pm at the corner of West 121st Street and Amsterdam Ave here in New York, family, friends and the comedy community will come together for a day-long celebration. Plus, Kelly talks about the upcoming book she’s written about her life with her father.

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We Remember Robert Sherman

The Sherman Brothers provided the soundtrack to our childhood. Jeff Sherman his eldest son and director of “The Boys” stops by to talk about The Sherman Brothers, Walt Disney and growing up as Hollywood Royalty. Along with Kelly Carlin, Frank Conniff and Will Ryan. Also music from Will Ryan And The Cactus County Cowboys. Please like us on Facebook, subscribe to our show on iTunes. And please share this link with your friends. Listen to the show for free on iTunes. Download the show on iTunes.

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