Throwing Shade’s Colleen Werthmann Returns



Comedy writer Colleen Werthmann talks about her move to Los Angeles, writing on the new TV Land series “Throwing Shade”, David’s manipulation tactics, how both Republicans AND Democrats cannot get past others exterior, underestimating voter’s financial despair, the peril of Trump’s looming presidency, and the idea that China poses more of a threat than Russia.

Film Critic Michael Snyder reviews Eye in the Sky, Loving, Hidden Figures, Zootopia, Jackie, and Neruda.


  1. I think CW’s frustration was about DF’s tendency to go into long, slow monologs that don’t involve the guest and fail to conclude with a crisp point. It seems David’s primary goal in these “interviews” is to make the points he’s interested in making.

    It is common, actually, for him to shut down guests who are about to tell a story or make a point by saying something like, “We’ll get to that” but he never does.

    David, you should check these tendencies. Your guests and your listeners will be glad if you do. Be aware of how long you are talking and make it a point to end them with a conclusion. Shift your desire away from hearing yourself talk to being interested in what your guests have to say.

    Your fan,

  2. Notwithstanding David’s tendencies, Colleen Werthmann got torqued when David said, “…money, honey…”, and in so doing, exhibited the same sensitive behavior the 3 women did at his ACLU show. That David went on to (some may say) over-explain his point about the anxiety of making money (a living), while somewhat circuitous, what he accomplished by doing so (even if he didn’t know so) was to tell Colleen Werthmann that, ironically, she was similarly — needlessly — offended by a common, and yes — sassy — idiom. I guess he could have just pointed it out to her, to everyone’s embarrassment shortly after she exclaimed her offense. I wish he would have done so. Maybe he didn’t because he was being polite. If so, I think I can accept his polite patience for her pedantic pissantry. In other words, Colleen needlessly got her “panties in a bunch.”


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