Trump Is A Gangster

DECEMBER 2, 2016- Anybody who grew up in NYC during the ’80s knows that Donald J. Trump is a gangster. You can’t build in New York or open casinos in Atlantic City without being a gangster.

His atto160422_pol_donald-trump-act-jpg-crop-promo-xlarge2rney was Roy Cohen, lawyer to the mob. Once we start seeing Trump as nothing more than a gangster then we will be able to understand his motivation. Gangsters will promise everything and do anything so they can plunder. Trump and his cabinet view government jobs as a bust out operation. They see a one trillion dollar a year federal budget as something to dip their beaks into. Once we understand that he is nothing more than a gangster we can deal with him. Gangsters never change their stripes. This is a bust out operation.

Trump is a gangster. That’s all he is. He will resort to violence, because that’s what gangsters do. But he is nothing more than a gangster. He can be stopped. But only if we think of him as nothing more than a gangster.